All of our Karate Instructors have very deep backgrounds in karate.  All are up-to-date on USOC SafeSport Certifications and NCIS Background checks.  Each certify annually to coach with USA Karate for Signature events.

DougheadshotHead Instructor, Sensei Doug Jepperson

Dan Grading

7th Dan – Wado International Karate-Do Federation
7th Dan – Chuck Merriman, Lee Grey USA Karate-Do Kyokai


Sensei Jepperson began his karate training in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1966 under Ed Parker, founder of American Kenpo. A few years later, Toshio Osaka, 8th Dan Wado Ryu, moved to Salt Lake and Sensei Jepperson switched schools after seeing one demonstration of Sensei Osaka’s technique.

Sensei Jepperson is one of the few Senior Wado people in the world to have taken Dan testing with all three Wado groups. Shodan with the founder of Wado Hironori Otsuka, years later testing with his son Jiro Otsuka for Sandan, then testing in front of T. Mano the President of JKF and Wado Kai for his 4th Dan. After this Sensei Jepperson trained exclusively with Tatsuo Suzuki 8th Dan Hanshi, Master Otsuka’s senior student and most renowned Wado instructor in the world, 5th Dan and 6th Dan.

Current Positions

USANKF Karate Board of Directors, Member US Olympic Committee

USANK “USA” Karate Technical Committee USA Karate, member of US Olympic Committee.

USANKF, Senior Caucus member  USANKF – National Referee  USANKF – Certified Coach  WIKF (Wado International Karate-Do Federation)-USA, board of director,  WIKF-USA Technical Committee


Sensei Pamela Jepperson
Children’s Program Director
Park City Karate ™ Team Manager

Dan Grading

3rd Dan – 2015
2nd Dan – 1994
1st Dan – 1989

Sensei Pam ‘married’ into karate.  Her husband, Doug, and his sons were already well into their karate careers when they met.  Initially, her job was filming, photographing and ‘coaching’ from the stands.  Training began in Tennessee where she earned her 1st Dan.   Her strength lies in teaching and coaching our youngest athletes.

When her Ninja’s take a belt test or compete, win or lose, you can trust that Sensei Pam is right there at the mat with them.  Seeing their effort, and their complete joy at having done something well means more than any gold medal.  ‘Every child is an athlete’ is a code by which she teaches and coaches.  It’s very easy to see the Elite athlete and feel pride in their accomplishment.  Harder, but – perhaps – even more rewarding is watching a young child earn their first belt, or score their first point or even – win that first medal.

Sensei Pam introduced ‘Sportsmanship Medals’ to our program.  No participation medals for us.  Our youngest karate kids, will tell you that it’s hard work and self control that is to be rewarded.  Many times, these Ninja’s will bring in a Sportsmanship Medal earned at a regional tournament to show their classmates.   The pride they exude – knowing they earned that medal by demonstrating best effort and good sportsmanship – is awesome.


Sensei Kai Beckett
Park City Karate™ Team Coach


Dan Grading
2nd Dan – 2018
1st Dan – 2015

Sensei Kai began his karate training with Park City Karate™ in 2011.  Kai has been a competitor since 2012 in regional, national and international tournaments, earning a Silver Medal in Kumite in the USA Open in Las Vegas along with numerous medals in regional events.

Sensei Kai is a gifted instructor with all ages.  He is able to communicate with our 4 year old Ninja’s on their level and be equally effective with our Junior and Adult students.  His athleticism, passion and hard work elevate everyone with whom he trains.

Sensei Kai continues to pursue Elite level training, traveling to work with National Team Coaches.







Sensei Eric Nelson
Park City Karate™ Team Kata Coach

Dan Grading
2nd Dan – 2018
1st Dan – 2015

Sensei Eric  began his karate training with Park City Karate™  at the age of 15.   He studied Judo  for 2 years while in college. Now, at the age of 28, Sensei Eric has a day job as a Professional Engineer working in Corrosion Engineering.   He is focusing on Kata for his competition goals.  Sensei Eric works with National Team Head Kata Coach, Sensei Fukuda and brings that knowledge to his classes at the dojo.

Sensei Eric has been doing partner and independent dance for 10 years and is also a blues dance instructor.   With his wealth of movement experience, he has a unique perspective and ability to verbalize and demonstrate for our students benefit.

Medals earned:

· Silver medalist in Men’s Advanced/Elite Kata at Yoshida Cup
· Bronze medalist in Men’s Advanced Kata, US Nationals
· Gold medalist in Men’s Advanced Kata, Park City
· Silver medalist in Men’s Advanced/Elite Kata at Suzuki Cup

· Bronze medalist in Men’s Advanced/Elite Kata at Yoshida Cup

· North Fork Championship: Silver Kata, Gold Kumite
· USA National Championship: Bronze Wado Style Kata
· USA Open: Bronze Kumite (advanced)
· Utah State Championships: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite

· Arizona Championships: Bronze Kata, Bronze Kumite
· Academy of Classical karate, Suzuki Cup: Gold Kata
· North Fork Championship: Gold Kata, Silver Kumite
· Ryobu-Kai Championships: Gold Kata, Gold Kumite

· USA Open: Silver Kata (advanced)
· Utah State Championships: Silver Kata, Bronze Kumite
· North Fork Championships: Gold Kata, Gold Kumite

· Utah State Championships: Silver Kata, Silver Kumite