Sensei Pamela Jepperson

Children’s Program Director


Pam is our top children’s instructor and Director of the kid’s karate program and has been teaching karate for eight years. It’s amazing to see how much the kids can learn and they are so enthusiastic. This is a sport that a child can succeed in, and at their own pace. Each class is formatted to learn and practice new skills, encourage maximum effort on their own part and respect for the efforts of others.

She often remarks that the best part of her day is teaching the kids classes. Rarely does a day pass that she does not find herself smiling, either at a child’s accomplishment or something they’ve said. It’s great fun sharing the stories with their parents, who are often quite surprised by what’s been said.

While living in Tennessee, Pam was an aerobics instructor, heading the pre-natal classes for Sumner Memorial Hospital. She trained other instructors in class structure and the importance of teaching the students, NOT performing for them.

Pam looks at each child as an individual. No one single teaching method works for everyone, adults or children. In the kids program, we reward sincere effort, not just athletic achievement. Her goal is to help students reach their best level and feel good about their accomplishment. Everyone who enters a class – karate, dance, whatever – may not have the ability, or the desire, to become professional, they do, however, deserve the opportunity to see how far they can go and see what they can achieve when given the chance.

Pam began studying Wado Ryu in 1985. She has since trained under Tatsuo Suzuki, 8th Degree Hanshi, the most senior instructor in Wado. In addition, she has attended special seminars around the world. Pam earned her Black Belt in 1989 from Tatsuo Suzuki.